Data Management

Data Management

Data Managing

VS Geospatial Technologies has also carried out the following tasks for some of the clients where we asked to create data from various sources and the target data was required in MS Access & XLS files. We have done data linking of the records as well were the client was providing certain codes based on which the data was supposed to be linked.

Data Entry

  • Data Entry from various hardcopy maps, scanned images, or from some Web Site, or from Survey.
  • Data Scanning.
  • Data Mining.
  • Data Linking with Graphical Data.
  • Data manipulation.
  • Data Extraction from Data Bases like(Oracle, MS Access, XLS etc).

Data Conversion

Conversion of Formats from one to another or vices versa Conversion from one format to another like To Doc, XLS, XML, JPG, PNG, PDF, RTF or Vice Versa.

Before any data conversion is carried out, the user or application programmer should keep a few basics of computing and information theory in mind. These include:

  • Information can easily be discarded by the computer, but adding information takes effort.
  • The computer can add information only in a rule-based fashion.
  • Upsampling the data or converting to a more feature-rich format does not add information; it merely makes room for that addition, which usually a human must do.
  • By storing data electronically, the chances of data loss are greatly lowered and it is easier to perform data mining and other conversions.
  • Data stored in an electronic format can be quickly modified and analyzed.


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